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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Pretty Good Lighting


BS * +啤酒展的这一集会返回客人David Warfelauthor of“Lighting for the Long Term”and“The Lighting Power of LEDs”那and杰夫·克莱林斯, 也Ben ParraThe last lighting episode非常受欢迎,我们想继续与实际应用的谈话。我们了解改善我们在照明所做的事情的经济实惠的策略。David通过一种热闹的演示文化来踢掉东西:“5个理由昂贵,”5层更好的照明,“5个光线承诺”和“照明分流的5个提示”。足以说,它包装了完全的信息掘金。讨论的照明类型 - 以及最佳应用 - 包括光盘灯,步进灯,可调弯曲筒灯,线性灯和LED条带。

David advises us to think about where light will hit before adding it to our design plans. Jeff shares examples of modest approaches he takes to lighting installation, and shares images of a 1950s mid-century-modern home by way of example. Ben suggests we light our vertical surfaces first, and everything else will fall into place. He also talks about techniques for creating soft, warm light using LEDs. The subject of LEDs elicits a lot of activity in the chat box, and the conversation is rich with product and manufacturer recommendations from the experts. All told, this is a highly educational episode.

Enjoy the show!

加入我们Thursday, March 11, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. EST当我们将讨论“建筑监测:我们应该测量什么,应该如何测量?”Kohta Ueno.plans to share a presentation covering the basics of enclsoure monitoring, typical instruments and sensors, and types of measuring. He’ll provide information on implementation, as well as some real-world scenarios and guidance on how to interpret the data.Doug Horgan.and本博吉will also be on board to field questions and share their expertise—both are avid practitioners of building diagnostics. In fact, Ben just contributed an article,“为什么我们需要建造传感器”that makes for a good read in advance of the show. Andon this episodeof the BS* + Beer Show, Doug covered the topic of diagnostic tools—with a fun game to demonstrate lessons learned.


Kohta a Senior Associate at Building Science Corporation, a Westford, Massachusetts based consulting company. He is also conveniently sized to fit into attics and crawlspaces, which is markedly useful in this field.

Doug Horgan.是华盛顿特区首屈一指的定制和改造建设者的Bowa最佳实践副总裁。在这种培训,质量监测和故障排除作用中,Doug的目标是通过知识共享来降低施工缺陷。Doug在木工企业,保修 - 故障排除和指导领域的30年经验,以及沿途的数千张照片,是视觉上丰富的介绍的基础,了解如何构建良好,避免施工问题。Doug是“光学施工”的常见贡献者,“Protradecraft”,“Find HomeBuilding”,“改造,”和“专业改造者”,他已经在改造,JLC Live,Nesea建筑能源,国家家庭展示性能会议和当地事件。他的凭据包括BPI Building Analyst和Leed Ap - Homes。

本博吉is a second-generation high-performance-building obsessive working as a project manager for BPC Green Builders of Wilton, CT.

Use this link to register for The BS* + Beer Show

BS * +啤酒书俱乐部

因为BS * +啤酒的主人表现出所有热爱阅读,我们认为我们将通过每隔几个月向节目添加书籍俱乐部来庆祝我们的行业中的作者。我们将宣布这本书,给你几个月来获得它并阅读它,并用BS * +啤酒秀集结束,我们将邀请作者加入我们,现在并提出问题。


我们选择了第三章:基本建筑科学:了解高beplay体育官方下载性能房屋设计中的能量和水分由雅各布deva Racusin。新的社会出版商在其基本建筑科学系列(平装或电子书)中慷慨地扩展了这本书和其他人的折扣。beplay体育官方下载立即使用折扣代码Essite25 31。

We hope you will pick up a copy and join the discussion on April 1, 2021.


凯莉雅克斯is senior editor at Green Building Advisor. She can be reached at[电子邮件受保护]。图像礼貌的大卫争夺。


  1. MaineLaxRef||#1

    如何与David Warfel的“可调淡的LED灯泡建议”的链接如何?


    1. GBA编辑器

      这是与他分享的资源的联系during the show. I also recommend checking out大卫的博客。你会在那里找到他的研究。

      1. MaineLaxRef||#4


  2. Doug McEvers||#2

    Properly placed kitchen lighting is so important I take it out of the hands of the electrical contractor and place the fixtures myself. I error on the side of over illuminating and then provide dimmers to scale back if wanted. In kitchens with a floor upstairs I still like recessed fixtures with warm LED flood bulbs. The surface mount LED from what I have seen cannot provide the same quality of light in a kitchen area.

  3. C L||#5

    特定MFG /灯泡型号的链接非常有帮助。
    2. G9型LED 50W等效替换灯泡的任何建议?TCP使一些,因为许多建议是针对TCP的,这也是转化为G9的吗?
    3. Any suggestions for an A19 type bulb suitable for exterior?




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