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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Unbuild It Takeover

Three industry leaders share insight into where the residential building sector gets things right and where it goes wrong

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features a few of the industry’s top dogs (and amateur comedians):史蒂夫Baczek.,Peter Yost, andJake Bruton。The hosts of theUnbuild It podcast阶段,我们定期计划的计划摇动有点摇动,并为在碳绘制和绿化房地产市场 - 其他地区 - 其他地区 - 其他地区,提供创新建议。问题。

Enjoy the show!

Join us on星期四,4月15日,下午6点到7:30。美东时间when builderAndy Engel, architectAlexandra Baczek, and Tstud representativeMark Willie将讨论“框架的进步”。我们将在木材框架到气球框架到平台框架到高级框架的框架,包括相关材料。我们希望涵盖面板与电路板护套等主题,如LVLS和交叉层压木材等工程产品,并与之合作Larsen trusses,Tstuds, and SIPs. With a builder, designer, and product advisor on hand, we are sure to hear distinct professional perspectives.

Guest bios

Andy Engel自1979年9月以来一直在贸易中,当他严重让他的母亲感到非常失望并没有参加Drew University。那些年包括装饰木匠,楼梯,一个规范建设者,一个编辑Fine HomebuildingProfessional Deck Buildermagazines, and as a manager with JLC Live and The Remodeling Show. Currently, he works as a remodeling carpenter in Roxbury, Connecticut, and as a freelance writer, editor, and blogger forFine Homebuilding和Green Building Advisor.

Alexandra Baczekis an associate at Steven Baczek Architect in New England. She is a graduate with a Master of Architecture, from Roger Williams University in Rhode Island. Currently she works on custom residential projects that exhibit high levels of energy efficiency, durability, health, comfort, and environmental responsibility. She has recently started contributing to Green Building Advisor’sbepaly下载

马克维尔is the director of building experiences for US Engineered Wood Tstud. He is the remaining founder of BuildSmartChicago, which has evolved into an offsite ministry of education focused on Passive House and building science consulting teams. Mark serves on a number of boards including Carbon Free 2050, Passive House Alliance, Illinois Green Alliance, Tiny House Alliance USA, Habitat for Humanity Construction Committee, I.G.A. GreenBuilt Home Tour, Legacy Committee of GreenBuild 2018, and Rebuilding Exchange. He is active in the building science community and has retrofitted several residences of varying certifications. His free time is shared withPassive House Accelerator,beplay体育官方下载建立科学#bs friday live,tstud™收音机。

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BS* + Beer Book Club

因为BS * +啤酒的主人表现出所有热爱阅读,我们认为我们将通过每隔几个月向节目添加书籍俱乐部来庆祝我们的行业中的作者。我们将宣布这本书,给你几个月来获得它并阅读它,并用BS * +啤酒秀集结束,我们将邀请作者加入我们,现在并提出问题。

Musings of an Energy Nerd

We have selected our fourth book:Musings of an Energy Nerd: Toward an Energy-Efficient Homeby Martin Holladay, which can bepurchased at the Taunton Store

We hope you will pick up a copy and join the discussion on July 8, 2021.


Kiley Jacques is senior editor at Green Building Advisor. She can be reached at[电子邮件受保护]。照片由特拉维斯布雷纳特提供。


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