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当潮湿的空气遇到冷线圈时,空气中的水分凝结在冷表面上。Water that drips from the cold coil can be collected in a pan or tank. Appliances designed to collect water from the air are called atmospheric water generators.[Public domain image from Wikipedia]

Unless you live in a drought-stricken region, you probably take your water service for granted. After all, most North American homes have safe drinking water on tap, provided by either a municipal water system or a drilled well.


In these areas with limited water resources, including many Caribbean islands, the traditional solution to the water problem is to gather rainwater that falls on a home’s roof and direct the water to a cistern. If annual rainfall is adequate and dependable, such a rainwater collection system can supply enough water to support a family. This approach won’t work, though, in areas of the world where rainfall is not dependable.

Another possible solution to water shortages is to build a desalination plant—but that solution is expensive, and it doesn’t help communities that are far from an ocean.

For the millions of people who now live in houses without running water, someone in the family (usually a woman or a child) must travel on foot every day to a distant well to draw water, or must stand in line to have the family’s bucket filled from a water truck.



简短的答案是一个合格的是的。水从空气方案的主要缺点是水的高成本。除了成本问题外,还有气候局限性:水 - 空气方法在热潮湿的气候下最佳。

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  1. nicholas_erdenberger.||#1


    Curious if you think there are any legal constraints to using this technology? In CA and other parts of the Cadillac desert where water laws are weird I wonder if use of this technology would violate riparian laws? In SF it technically wasn't legal to collect rainwater until an explicit law was passed (I think in 2013) to allow it because water could not be "damned" unless you had rights to it.

    1. GBA编辑器
      Martin Holladay||#2


    2. 尼克诈骗||#4

      Your question reminds me of a law school exam hypothetical! Here is how it would be argued in class:


  2. 尼克诈骗||#3

    Interesting article....In NJ we have a 900 ft well that does not frack well (no pun intended) and so we conserve water. When I run the Fujitsu mini splits for dehumidification or cooling I collect the water in a big vat for use in watering our gardens. It is amazing how many gallons it produces on humid Spring or Summer days. Why waste it?


  3. 罗伯特透明石||#5

    Producing water from air at about 50 cents a gallon seems cheap compared to the $1+ per gallon water at grocery stores in the northeast US.

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