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BS* + Beer

The BS* + Beer Show: Building Diagnostics in New Construction


Some common building assessment tools (clockwise from top left): infrared digital thermometer, pin-type moisture meter, digital manometer (pressure gauge), digital hygrometer, and electronic radon meter. A decent model of each tool can be purchased for less than $200, often less than $100.
Image Credit: Peter Yost

This episode of the BS* + Beer show features guestsSteve Rogers杰克·麦卡尔丁(Jake McAlpine)of The Energy Conservatory, andBryan Uhlerof Pioneer Builders discussing “Building Diagnostics in New Construction.” They share real-world scenarios in which diagnostic technologies have helped solve problems; and they touch on ways to identify leaky ducts and types of leaks, how to direct air for better comfort, when to run a blower-door test during a build, and zonal pressure diagnostics. They also share what is in their tool kits, and when and how to combine technologies. The takeaway: Using diagnostic tools can lead to “deep learning and accumulated building science knowledge.”

Enjoy the show!

Join us onOctober 28from 6 to 7:30 p.m. ETfor a Halloween-themed show with returning prankstersMichaelAnschelCarl Seville。Other than the topic being “Conspiracy Theories,” we don’t know what to expect—which is half the fun of this 2ndannual show.

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Carl Sevilleis principal ofSKCollaborative。他在翻新和房屋建设方面拥有30多年的经验。他拥有并经营SawHorse, Inc, one of the largest design/build renovation firms in Atlanta for over 25 years. Carl is a Green Globes professional, a HERS rater, an NGBS Master Verifier, a LEED Green Rater, and an EarthCraft and Enterprise Green Communities Technical Advisor, and holds the LEED AP Homes designation. He has served on the boards of directors of the Greater Atlanta Homebuilders Association and the Atlanta chapter of NARI, the Green Building Subcommittee and the Green Building Education Curriculum Committee of NAHB, NARI’s Green Remodeling Education Committee, the Georgia Governor’s Energy Policy Council, the USGBC Residential Green Building Advocate for Atlanta, and as a member of the board of the Atlanta Branch of the USGBC.

Michael Anschel大量参与了绿色建筑运动。他领导了绿色改建小组,开发了MN Greenstar认证的绿色房屋和改建,被某些人认为是美国最先进,最严格的绿色住宅建筑标准。beplay官方在担任临时董事之后,他致力于促进在整个住宅建筑行业中采用和融入绿色建筑技术。迈克尔还是Otogawa-Anschel Design-Build,L.L.C。的所有者和负责人,这是一家全国认可的屡获殊荣的设计建筑公司,专注于较旧的住宅。


Kiley Jacques是Green Building Advisor的高级编辑。她可以到达at[电子邮件保护]


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